A Q&A With Mineola Board Of Education Incumbent


Mineola Board of Education Trustee Cheryl Lampasona is re-running for her seat. The Nassau Illustrated reached out to her to talk about her candidacy, goals and what makes her a good fit for the board.

Nassau Illustrated: What inspired you to run and re-run?
Lampasona: When my son oldest son, now eighth grade, entered pre-k, which at the time was only three half-days a week, I knew I wanted to be involved in his school journey. I joined the Hampton Street PTA and became an active volunteer. After two years, I became co-PTA president at Hampton Street. It was the first time I saw all the wonderful things the whole district was doing for the students, beyond my little corner of Mineola, and I was enamored. I knew I wanted to be a part of this special district, even more than I already was. During my PTA years, I was able to see the vision of the district and I trusted the process, but I also wanted to be a part of the process. So, six years ago, I started my journey as a board trustee, and fast forward, 6 amazing, jam-packed years later, I am seeking re-election for the same reason, to continue to serve my community and continue to be part of the process that makes Mineola an innovative and educationally strong school community.

Nassau Illustrated: What have been your greatest accomplishments during your tenure?
Lampasona: There are so many accomplishments during my six years. I am proud, year after year to stay well under the tax cap here in Mineola and for the last three years to have a strong budget with a 0 percent tax levy, all while upgrading buildings and curriculum. Free full day pre-k for every student in the district, the dual language program pre-k through ninth grade, the addition of the Synergy High School program where students will learn through internships and real-world experiences all while satisfying their high school requirements, the badge book, having student choice and student autonomy vivid throughout the district, but most importantly smiling, happy kids. Thats my major accomplishment.

Nassau Illustrated: What qualifications do you bring to the board?
Lampasona: I hold a BBA in accounting and a master’s degree in special and general education. In addition, I recently finished my education administrative certification, so my knowledge of education, leadership and finance are extensive. I am a parent of children in the district, so I always see firsthand of what happens in the schools.

Nassau Illustrated: What would you like to see change in the district and what are your biggest goals?
Lampasona: My biggest goals are to continue the robust curriculum programs offered to our students. Mineola is a unique school district, as we are always on the forefront of new and innovative ideas and programs. I look forward to continuing to roll out programs and initiatives to the students of Mineola, all while remaining fiscally responsible to the members of the Mineola School Community.

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