Vote Passes, School To Buy Vacant Sperry Building


Last Tuesday, the Mineola Board of Education held a community referendum about the $4.25 million purchase of the Sperry Building that is located at 2400 Jericho Turnpike. The building is situated on a 1.5 acre property located directly across the street from the high school and would be used to create an expanded high school campus providing a dedicated space for a new high school program called Synergy. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Nagler tweeted that the vote to purchase the Sperry building passed with a 499-249 (66 percent) vote.

Undesignated fund balance monies will be used to purchase the property, meaning that the purchase will not result in an increase in school taxes for district residents.

“The purchase of this property will provide students at both the high school and the Synergy program a true campus feel, as students will be able to move back and forth between the high school and 2400 Jericho Turnpike as their schedules allow,” Dr. Nagler said.

In a Q and A video on YouTube, Dr. Nagler said the Sperry building is really a premiere piece of property.

“It’s got frontage on Jericho Turnpike and it has a very large parking lot,” he said. “It is pretty much the entire length of the Washington Avenue side of our high school. This type of real estate hasn’t come along in 20 years, so it really gives us an opportunity to expand our future if we want.”

Previously Dr. Nagler also said, “Mineola is designing the high school of the future. This new model of schooling puts the learner at the center, providing students with options for new experiences through internships and opportunities to develop skills outside a typical classroom setting, while still satisfying all high school credits.”

To watch the full Q and A video about Synergy and the new building acquisition, visit Mineola Creative Content on YouTube.

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