A Thanksgiving Plea


Since 1996, our family has coordinated a program in which we provide the fixings for families in need to make their own Thanksgiving dinner and deliver full hot turkey dinners to homebound senior citizens on Thanksgiving Day. While the first five years of this were done through JB’s Pub, a bar/restaurant we owned in Mineola, since 2001 we have been coordinating this program from our home with the support of many wonderful people and organizations.

Though COVID restrictions may not be as strict as last year, we still plan to take a cautious approach to ensure that all involved are safe.  We understand that this may be a year when many may not be able to help us. We also know that it is a year when many are more in need than ever.  With that in mind, the following is what we are planning and how you may be able to contribute.

We will be providing all the fixings for 30 local families to make their own meal, which includes a large amount of fresh produce. We would appreciate donations of the following items: boxes: stuffing mix, muffin mix, instant mashed potatoes, au gratin or scalloped potatoes, cake mix, brownie mix, canned icing; cans: turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables; bottles: 48oz—64oz plastic or canned fruit juice, V-8, or ice tea as well as single-serving plastic bottles/cans of the same. We kindly ask no glass bottles, no juice boxes, no water, no soda. We will also need 30 16-20 pound frozen turkeys for the families. These items can be dropped off at our home at 35 Maxwell Rd. in Garden City. Please call us as soon as possible to coordinate a convenient drop off time.

We will be providing full hot dinners for approximately 200 homebound seniors. We will not be accepting homemade desserts or breads this year, nor will we be asking anyone to roast and slice any turkeys for us. We will be purchasing individually wrapped baked goods and will be purchasing the turkey cooked and sliced for us from a local market. We will be providing everything needed to make complete meals and would appreciate any financial donations.

Hot meals will be delivered on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25, starting at noon. Visits this year will be allowed, but we urge you to exercise caution. All those delivering must wear gloves, which we will provide, as well as wear a face mask. We would recommend that no more than two people enter the home and that a safe distance be kept from the recipient. We deliver meals throughout Nassau County; please call us if you are able to help with the delivery of the meals.

This year will be the 26th year we have coordinated this project. It is a special part of our family tradition, and we invite you to make it part of yours, as well. Your generous donations of food, money, and time have made the deliveries a tremendous success each year.  With your help, we can continue to bring a meal and a smile to those who are alone on the holiday.

Feel free to contact us at 516-746-8331 regarding any part of this program. We thank you all for your continued support each year.

Melinda and John Alford

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