Village Board Makes Decision On Lost Farmer


This past summer, Lost Farmer Brewing Co., went before the village board to amend its special use permit that was granted to them in September of last year. The Lost Farmer Brewing Co. petitioned the board to amend their hours of operation from noon to midnight, allow them to have no more than six employees on-site, have the occupancy increased to 75 people, the ability to heat food up—mainly frozen pizza and pretzels—and allow the owners to bring a food truck on premises from time to time and have acoustic music onsite.

After a contentious hearing between the Lost Farmer Brewing Co., their landlord and the owners of 5T Fencing, who share the building with the brewing company, on whether or not the Lost Farmer Brewing Co. is really a tasting room or a bar, the village board announced their decision during a recent work session.

The village board granted the Lost Farmer Brewing Co.’s change in operation hours to be from noon to midnight, seven days a week; will allow six employees on the property as long as it’s in compliance with the state’s Fire Prevention and Building code, the regulations of the county’s Fire Marshal and the rules of all agencies having jurisdiction; allow Lost Farmer Brewing Co. to be limited to a warming kitchen where they cannot cook or have any open flames on the property; and that there cannot be any amplified music playing.

“Each of these conditions is material to the approval granted by the Board of Trustees,” stated the board’s decision. “Violations of any of the conditions of this Special Use Permit shall subject the applicant or its successors to enforcement pursuant to the village’s Municipal Code, including possible revocation of this special use permit.”

The board said that any violation of a condition that was set forth in the village’s special use permit will be deemed a violation of the village’s zoning law and shall subject the owner or occupant of the premises to all penalties set forth in the zoning law.


  1. Another decision at a work session where there wasn’t a public meeting afterwards for the residents to comment on. Jack got another good deal for a client. Most people with over 30 summons would be lucky to still be in business. These guys got everything they wanted and then some.

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