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The Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club is pleased and honored to welcome back Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. The County Executive spoke for Rotarians in 2018 following her election at which time she became the first woman to hold the office of County Executive. Curran will discuss current issues and activities impacting her constituency.

Representing more than 1.3 million residents, it is reported that Curran implemented unprecedented ethics reforms, successfully advocated for new economic development and promoted downtown revitalization projects across the county.

Under Curran’s watch, Nassau County has maintained historic crime lows and was named the safest community in America by US News and World Report. Following through on a campaign promise, Curran claims to have fixed a broken property assessment system that amassed enormous debt. She is committed to fixing infrastructure—the county repaved a record amount of roadway and dedicated significant funds to revitalize parks throughout the county.

After the pandemic hit Nassau County, the County Executive led the county’s response to protect and inform residents, while maintaining essential county operations and advocating for small businesses and schools. She has been focused on vaccinating as many people as possible by utilizing the county’s award-winning Department of Health and building a robust vaccine infrastructure.

It’s a fact that Nassau County has the highest percentage of adult residents with at least one vaccine dose among all large New York State counties. Curran aims to continue to lead with dedication the people of Nassau County and to remain a tireless advocate for Nassau’s residents, schools and businesses while providing decisive leadership to protect residents’ health and safety.

To attend the lunch meeting on Sept. 28 featuring Curran or any of the events listed below, email club president Diane Marmann at Diane.Marmann@gmail.com for information.

Ethical Friends Of Children—A Heartwarming Story

This past week at its lunch meeting at Calogero’s, Jim LoPresti, director of  Ethical Friends of Children, a nonprofit outreach program of the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island, provided a heartwarming story of the mission of the Friends of Children—to assist homeless and needy families through gifts of children’s clothing, baby needs and infant furniture.

Started in l985 as an outreach program completely staffed by volunteers, Ethical Friends of Children serves more than 2,500 families each year. All gently used items are collected by donations from individual families or community groups. For more information or to donate, call 516-280-5525 or efoc@ehsli.org.

Upcoming Meetings And Events

Oct. 12: Calogero’s at 12:15 p.m.—Rotary 7255 District Governor Mel Ellwood

Oct. 26: Calogero’s at 12:15 p.m.—Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell

Nov. 9: event, time and venue TBA

Dec. 13: Garden City Hotel at noon—Annual Holiday Luncheon and Fellowship/Networking event plus Community Service Award presentations.

—Submitted by the Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club

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