Student-Athlete Spotlight


This week, the Mineola Athletics Department student athlete spotlight shines on Keara Mulrooney, Colleen Miller and Claire Collura.

Keara Mulrooney

Mulrooney has been a member of the basketball, softball and bowling teams at Mineola over her four-year career as a Mustang. She has been a dedicated member of our programs and always approaches each practice and game with a positive and healthy attitude. Even though Mulrooney stays very busy with our athletic programs, she finds the time to be a part of many clubs in school and holds an astounding 96.15 academic average. She is a member of SADD, the Student Service Center, the Environmental Club and Athletes Helping Athletes.

Mulrooney’s favorite classes in school included Regents Chemistry and Physical Education Leadership. She found the learning material in chemistry interesting and was fond of Mr. Leopardi as her Chemistry teacher. As a Physical Education Leader, she felt that the class offered her the opportunity to become a better leader as she fulfilled her responsibilities in the class.

In looking back at her experiences as an athlete at Mineola, Mulrooney recalls the excitement of winning games at another school’s senior night and ripping off the warm-up pants prior to the start of the game as the team prepared to compete. She loved the general “chaos” in the gym before practices and games, and the exuberance of people warming up for games, playing badminton in intramurals, visiting the trainer or just going out to get a sandwich with teammates. Mulrooney states that she “loved every aspect of being a Mustang athlete.”

In the near future, Mulrooney looks forward to senior activities like the prom and graduation, and an end to COVID-19. She would love to be able to study abroad and eventually become a physicians assistant. Her advice to up and coming athletes is to learn to make fun of yourself and don’t get caught up in your mistakes…learn from them.

Colleen Miller

Miller has enjoyed her experiences as a member of both the girls basketball and girls lacrosse programs over the last four years at Mineola. While she is still undecided about her college of choice, she maintains a high standard for her academic classes. While taking part in sports and being a contributing member of the Student Service Center, Miller maintains a 93 average in school. As a student, Miller enjoys many classes, but CLEP stands out as a favorite, much in part to Mr. Cocoman being a teacher that makes class fun. Miller has many fond memories of past games, but one that stands out is a victory against Clarke High School last season that knocked them out of the basketball playoff picture. As the year moves forward, Miller looks forward to her prom and finally selecting the college of her choice. She looks forward to the experience of meeting new people and building new relationships.

When asked for some advice for future Mustang athletes Miller says she would tell them to never stop working because hard work pays off.

Claire Collura

As a three season athlete, Collura finds herself at Mineola High School for many hours during the school year. As a member of the cheerleading, girls basketball and the girls lacrosse team, Collura plays a role being a most positive aspect of multiple programs. In addition to the sports, Collura also finds time to be a member of the World Language Club. Her balance as someone who is highly involved and focused on academics is evident as she boasts a 95 average in school. As a member of the World Language Club it is no surprise that Italian is her favorite class. She says that there are lots of laughs in class and she is fond of a great group of people in her language classes.

Collura highlights her best memories as an athlete as her times performing at halftimes of football games or at homecoming and playing lacrosse and basketball games.

As the year progresses , Collura looks forward to selecting a college and spending more time with close friends. She looks forward to college life, making new friends and fulfilling her goal of becoming a teacher.

When we ask Collura for some advice for upcoming student athletes she says they should know that “School come first. Manage your time wisely, put in the effort to become a better athlete and have fun on the team that you are on.”

—Submitted by Mineola High School

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