Mineola HS Student-Athlete Spotlight Continues


The Mineola Athletics Department student athlete spotlight shines on Adrianna Ferreira, Serena Koshy and Melanie Mendes.

Adrianna Ferreira

Ferreira is a prime example of a well rounded student athlete. Our spotlight shines year round on Ferreira as she is a member of the volleyball, basketball and lacrosse teams. Her dedication as an athlete at Mineola shows itself in her consistent work ethic and her pride in program. Ferreira has excelled as a student and holds a 3.9 GPA and has decided to attend Stony Brook University in the Fall of 2021.

As a student, Ferreira recalls her New York City course as a favorite experience. The excitement of learning in the city and having engaging conversations in class drew her in. As an athlete, Ferreira cites the many times that she interacted with her teammates throughout the years. She states that “the bus rides to away games and practices with teammates were always a fun time. My teammates and I always work hard but at the same time have a lot of fun.”

In the near future Ferreira looks forward to her prom and being able to enjoy summer with all of her friends that will soon be off to college. Next year she looks forward to her college experience and getting involved in her major as a structural engineer.

Ferreira’s advice to future students is to work to their fullest and enjoy the seasons they have with teammates and coaches. Even if you lose a game, keep pushing to win the next one and don’t give up.

Serena Koshy

Koshy is a mutli-talented senior at Mineola High School. While she is a part of several athletic programs she has also woven herself in to the fabric of the school and community. As a member of the soccer and basketball teams, Koshy has always been a hard working athlete. Her many talents also lead her to be a part of the string Ensemble, Athletes Helping Athletes and the Student Service Center. A conversation with Koshy about colleges reveals her opportunities paved by her hard work in school. While she is undecided and choosing between many schools Koshy holds an academic average of 100.45. Her favorite course is AP Chemistry. Koshy enjoys it the most because it is a perfect combination of her favorite subjects, math and science.

As a member of the soccer and basketball programs, her fondest memories of sports lie in both the soccer program’s “Think Pink” game where the program dedicates all the proceeds of the game to breast cancer research and the basketball program’s “Reggie Carter Night” where a memorial game is held and the proceeds go to a scholarship fund. Both are well attended and mark a focus that is bigger than the game itself.

For the remainder of her senior year, Koshy looks forward to spending time with her classmates and making new great memories. She looks forward to starting college and making new friends.

Her advice to upcoming student athletes in the program is simple. “Hard work does not go unnoticed.”

Melanie Mendes

As a Mineola Mustang basketball team member, Mendes has enjoyed her experience as being a contributing member of the team. Her love for the game of basketball leads her to dedicate her time during the winter season to working hard in practices and games. In her senior year, Mendes has not yet decided on a college. She loves to learn about history and enjoys her Social Studies classes in school. She is a very good student who has been dedicated to her team and to her studies. As a member of the basketball program Mendes fondly remembers times with her teammates as they built bonds through practices, game and bus rides. She enjoyed listening to music and enjoying the company of her teammates.

In the near future, Mendes will be selecting a college and looks forward to some big events like graduation. She looks forward to finding her niche in college and getting into a dream career. Her advice to up and coming students is to have fun and work hard.

—Submitted by Mineola High School

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