Mineola Fire Department Makes Special Rescue


On Saturday Nov. 7, at 12:25 a.m. the Mineola Fire Department was alerted to respond to provide mutual aid to the Carle Place Fire Department. A working house fire was reported in Carle Place and Mineola was requested to provide a FAST (Firefighter Assist Standby Team). This is a specialized team dedicated to rescue downed/trapped firefighters should the need arise. The team is comprised of members of all three companies who regularly drill in search and rescue techniques. The team carries specialized equipment including Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) to help see through the smoke.

Upon arrival at the Command Post, the team was advised that the main body of fire was knocked down and crews were checking for extension. The occupants advised that all humans had safely exited the home, but their two cats were missing. One cat was quickly found by the first responders, but the second cat remained unaccounted for.

At the request of Carle Place Command, the Mineola FAST members deployed into the home to conduct a secondary search of the premises. Using the Thermal Imaging Camera, firefighters Noah Love, Andres Dias and John Paul Valente located the second cat still hiding inside the building. The team safely removed the cat and reunited the family with their beloved pet.

—Submitted by the Mineola Fire Department

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