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I am writing to endorse, Steven Barnwell, for Mineola Village Justice. Judge Barnwell is my brother and I want the people of Mineola to know what many of us, including the late honorable Judge John O’Shea, have known for a long time. Steve is smart, fair-minded, generous and honest. He has an excellent and agile legal mind. He is a person of integrity with a strong work ethic. As a family member, I know how hard my brother worked to become a lawyer–he attended law school while working a full-time job, persevering until he finally achieved his goal of becoming a lawyer in his late 30s. I believe this is one of the reasons he is able to empathize with people, their situations and their perspectives, and ultimately solve problems. As his sister, I have benefited from his guidance for decades. I urge the people of Mineola to vote for Steven Barnwell for Mineola Village Justice so that they too can benefit from his wisdom. Thank you.

Dr. Veronica Barnwell

I would like to offer my strong endorsement of Judge Steven Barnwell in the upcoming election for Mineola Village Justice. I have had the opportunity to utilize Mr. Barnwell’s legal services over the past 15 years. As a result of our interactions a number of skills have become very apparent. Judge Barnwell possesses the rare ability to efficiently and effectively distill complex situations down to the core. This allows for an accurate assessment of the relevant issues, but more importantly, a comprehensive and insightful solution. As a Senior Executive in the Healthcare Industry, I understand the value of these skills which can’t be taught from a textbook. It is honed and developed with years of experience in dealing with complex issues and complex people. Judge Barnwell possesses the skills, knowledge, experience, compassion, tenacity, to be an outstanding Judge. I think the people of Mineola would be very well served in electing Judge Barnwell to the position of Village Justice.

Joseph Franolich

Steven Barnwell is, without a doubt, qualified to hold the office of Mineola Village Justice, having spent the better part of the last 3 years in a courtroom in one facet or another. Beyond his professional qualifications, we believe that his character, vision and his reputation of being compassionate, fair and level-headed, make him the right choice. My husband, John O’Shea, picked Judge Barnwell to serve with him as his associate village justice, and I know he would be proud to have him as his successor.

I, Kathleen O’Shea, and my family, steadfastly support Judge Barnwell and the New Line Party for election, and I’m asking you to support them as well on September 15th.  Thank you.

Kathleen O’Shea

Before Steve Barnwell became an Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County, while he was a New York State court officer, he was president of City & Suburban Tenants’ association on the upper east side of New York City. Through this association, we began a very long friendship with Steve that continues to this day. The tenants’ association was formed to fight for the complete landmarking of the 14 buildings between 78th & 79th Streets on York Avenue, which housed over 1,300 tenants, including many elderly tenants who were terrified at the prospect of having to move and find affordable housing. The complex was purchased by a prominent real estate developer, and he had other ideas for these buildings — to evict us all and tear down the buildings to make way for a huge development of four 46 story luxury high-rise apartment buildings.

Steve immediately proved himself as a steadfast leader to oppose this plan. He was instrumental in preserving the complex. He worked tirelessly for City & Suburban in his capacity as president of the tenants’ association, while working at his day job & attending law school in the evenings. His skills at organizing the tenancy and bringing this opposition to the forefront of civic leaders, the media, as well as politicians, such as then-Mayor Edward Koch, led to successful landmarking of the complex and saving the homes of over 1,300 individuals.

It is with much confidence that we endorse Steve Barnwell, knowing that he will work hard to carry out the duties of his position as Village Justice. Steve would be a tremendous asset to the town of Mineola and he deserves your vote.

Maureen Bogle & Pam Green

As a New York City Police Officer with over 30 years of service and retired as the First Vice president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, I would like to comment on the upcoming election of Steven Barnwell for judge. I have seen Judge Barnwell work in many capacities.

I first met him about 20 years ago in Rockaway, Queens when he responded as the On Call Attorney for the P.B.A. to represent a retired police officer involved in a shooting while being the victim of a knifepoint attack. He immediately took charge and refused to go along with the District Attorney’s approach to handling the incident, and refused to proceed until a full and fair investigation was completed. We spent over 10 hours in the 100th precinct station house, and at the end of the day no charges were filed against the retired officer.

He has done this hundreds of times in every borough of the city of New York, Suffolk and Nassau counties, representing police officers at internal investigations, arraignments and in criminal and in traffic court.

In my current capacity as a private investigator, I have seen Steve Barnwell interact with Supreme Court Judges and prosecutors, and they all respect and admire him as the professional that he is.

He is not a politician. He is a judge and a lawyer who applies the law fairly and equally to all who come before him. He is a good man, but not so absolute in goodness as to forget human frailty. The people of Mineola would be well served to return Justice Steve Barnwell to the village court.

Bruce A Robertson

Steve Barnwell is a longtime friend of mine & is running for Judge in Mineola.  Although we know its going to be difficult to replace an iconic man like Judge O’Shea, I believe Steve would be the perfect person for this position.  Currently, he has been doing a fantastic job filling in at the Mineola Village Court as Acting Justice.  He is down-to-earth, approachable, and has shown the ability to apply the laws of the Village honestly and fairly.

For many years, Steve was my next door neighbor at my restaurant, Eleanor Rigby’s, in downtown Mineola. His door was always open to me, my family and my entire staff.

Steve put himself through Law School, while working full-time as a NYS Court Officer.  He is an active on-call criminal defense attorney for the NYPD PBA.  He runs his law firm right here in Mineola.

Due to the coronavirus, the election was rescheduled. Please consider Steve and the New Line Party when you vote on Sept. 15 at Village Hall!

Lt. Larry Monachelli, retired FDNY & former owner of Eleanor Rigby’s restaurant

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