New Keys Being Issued At East Williston Tennis Court


Please be advised that it has come to our attention that individuals who are not residents of East Williston have been provided copies of our tennis court keys by East Williston residents. These non-resident individuals, in some cases, have prevented our residents from using the courts. As such, we will be issuing new keys and implementing a new policy. The locks will be changed and new keys will be issued on Wednesday, July 29th.  If you wish to use the tennis courts, please pick up a new key at Village Hall during regular office hours.

Your key will be provided on a tag specific to East Williston residents. Your address and family name will be written on the tag by a member of the office staff. When using the court, you must have your key on the newly issued tag in order to use the courts. There will be one key and tag per household. When picking up your new key, you will be asked to provide ID and sign a document verifying that you are a resident the Village of East Williston and will comply with this new procedure, including a prohibition on copying, distributing, or lending your key to a non-resident.

The new application for the tennis keys can be found on the Village website ( starting tomorrow, July 28, 2020.

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