High School Junior Helps Make PPE


Chris Morandi, a junior at Mineola High School, has been putting his time at home to good use. After his mom saw a post on the Mineola Moms and Dads Group Facebook page offering a 3D printer for use, Morandi provided relief to health care workers.

As a student in the Mineola-Farmingdale Computer Science program, he downloaded Cura, the software needed to access the plans to an ear relief strap, which provides a great relief to health care workers who need to wear masks. After experimenting with the design and scaling it to fit the 3D printer he was working with, Morandi made his first 40 straps that he donated to Operation PPE, a group of Mineola families dedicated to helping health care workers. To date, Chris has donated more than 300 of these straps and will continue as long as there is a demand.

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