Letter To The Editor: Thank You Mineola Department of Public Works


As a society today, we are all quick to criticize when things aren’t done the way we are used to or expect things to be done. In Mineola, we are blessed to have a diligent sanitation team under the direction of Tom Rini, head of Department of Public Works as well under the supervision of Mark Deodato. As the pandemic has struck, I am sure it has been a real challenge to continue the services that we have become accustomed to and with half of the staff that we have been operating with.

Well I for one will compliment the excellence in garbage removal. The men on the truck are constantly being stopped and asked collection schedules, about recycling issues etc. The staff has been nothing but professional, courteous and helpful, and for that I thank you all, to Mr. Rini, Mr. Deodato and the entire sanitation staff. You are much appreciated and certainly not taken for granted by the people of Mineola.

Tommy Rudolph, Mineola resident

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