Mineola Resident Loses Out On Supervisor Seat

Judi Bosworth (left) and Mineola resident David Redmond (right)

Mineola resident David Redmond definitely put up the good fight when he ran against incumbent Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth during this year’s reelection. Redmond gained 10,890 votes (32.89 percent) while Bosworth snagged 22,188 votes (67.02 percent).

“While our team is highly disappointed in the result, I was yet again reminded that there is much worse news to receive in life than simply losing an election,” said Redmond when the Mineola American reached out for comment. “This campaign was run in order to give voice to your concerns with local government because you know we can do better. I knew going in we were up against a stacked deck, but that is never a good excuse not to fight for you. In fact, we’ve inspired too many people along the way to never give up. Thank you to those who voted and those who contributed in some way. I take nothing for granted in this life and I look forward to what we can achieve in the future.”

Redmond serves the Village of Mineola as a volunteer firefighter, and is a member of the Knights of Columbus. As part of his campaign, he wanted to improve the intellectual, cultural, professional and generational diversity of the town board.

“I am honored to have the confidence of the residents here in North Hempstead and to be given the opportunity to represent them once again,” said Bosworth in a statement. “I will continue to tackle difficult challenges, to improve the quality of life and to set an environmentally conscious course for the future of our town. I believe that by all of us working together we can achieve great things.”

Bosworth was first sworn in as the town’s supervisor in 2014 following six years as a county legislator and 16 years on the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education.


  1. Thank you for throwing your hat into the ring Dave. Choices are important.
    PS, could you collect all your signs from the roadsides?

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