Letter: No Leniency For Animal Abusers


In May, a Mineola couple was arrested for killing two puppies and seriously injuring a third. They were arraigned and released on their own recognizance. On Nov. 14, they return to court for sentencing, so on Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. we will be outside the courtroom to protest these animal murderers.

Below is the letter we are sending to the judge asking for justice to be served and we encourage readers to do the same.

Dear Judge,
Judging by the extremely high rates of repeat offenders to commit animal abuse and predilection of these abusers to commit other violent crimes, we believe it’s in everyone’s best interest that Ellie Knoller and Jessica Kuncman Knoller are tried for each count, per dog, in order to make their sentences as long as legally possible. The fact that these two killings and a third attempted killing happened within a three-week time period, after only days of having these puppies, demonstrates a total lack of self-control and empathy from the perpetrators which proves that these individuals pose an extremely serious safety risk to the public.

Should you decide to show leniency in your sentence and either commits yet another crime, which we believe is highly probable, it is extremely likely your judgments over the horrendous case will be revisited in public opinion. These puppies will not be forgotten and this case will remain on our minds for a long time due to the vicious and repetitive nature perpetrated on such helpless victims not once, not twice, but three times. Had this couple not been caught, there can be no doubt that the last victim would not still be with us today, nor perhaps any other helpless victim that may have had the misfortune to have crossed their paths before they came to the attention of law enforcement.

Puppy Mill Free Long Island, NY

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