Residents On Edge Over Recent Burglaries


It was a packed room inside village hall with concerned residents last week when the Williston Park Board of Trustees and members of the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) Third Precinct held a meeting in regards to the recent burglaries that have been plaguing the area.

Three burglaries, as well as an attempted burglary, occurred during Memorial Day weekend in the Stratford and Cushing Avenue vicinity. The burglars got into the homes through unlocked doors and windows, even prying open a back door.

“The Nassau County Police are actively involved,” said Williston Park Mayor Paul Ehrbar, when the Mineola American reached out for comment. “Residents should be alert and watch out for their neighbors, keep their windows and doors locked, keep their houses lit at night when they’re not at home and keep their bushes trimmed below their first floor window.”

Additionally, the Nassau County Police urged residents to make alarm stickers visible on doors and windows, use dead bolts with a one-inch throw to make the bolt difficult to pry open, and to never leave newspapers or packages outside for a long period of time, among other tips. In the age of social media that we are all enthralled in, the police also informed residents to not post on social media when they’re on vacation or not at home making their home an easy target.

At the meeting, Ehrbar and the NCPD urged that anyone seeing any suspicious person around the area, should call 911 immediately.

“I want to emphasize that Williston Park is a safe community,” said Ehrbar.

So far, no arrests have been made in the burglaries.

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