Recovery Room Gets A Makeover


When walking by the Recovery Room Bar and Grill in Station Plaza near the Mineola train station, you might have noticed that it looks a little different these days. Recently, owners Regis and Cristi Gallet refurbished the front of their establishment to be more inviting and welcoming to its patrons and now future patrons.

“For a business to remain viable and successful, it needs to go through improvements from time to time,” said Regis. “The outside had essentially gone unchanged for a long time, other than minor paint. It was time for a bit of modernizing and updating. Second, appearances in Mineola are of great importance to us. We are obviously located right at the train station where thousands of people commute on a daily basis. We want people to like what they see and be proud of the look of their village.”

On the outside, the Gallets removed all of the old stucco and went with dark grey and black cultured stones, while on the inside, the walls were repainted to a lighter color, old chairs were replaced with newer ones and the establishment’s couches and cushions were reupholstered.

“We felt that not only was this a good look for a bar and grill, but that it would also complement the look of downtown Mineola and fall in line with the plans our village board has for how things should look there,” explained Gallet. “We believe that things should look uniform and that businesses should stick together in doing everything possible to make our village look great.”

According to Gallet, the Recovery Room is seeing a lot of new faces.

“We do not only attribute this to the new look of the bar, but also to our continuously changing daily specials, our constant attention to social media and our incredible staff,” said Regis. “In addition, we pride ourselves on being open on holidays when most other places are closed to accommodate people that have different schedules and no place to go.”

For all the work that was done, the Gallets said that they pride themselves on using local painters, sign makers, contractors and furniture reupholsters to help in the remodeling.

“We feel it is of great importance to support local businesses in whatever we do,” explained Regis. “If anyone has any questions or wants any recommendations for who to use for a project, we are happy to provide the names of those we hired. In addition, to the businesses that have not yet renovated or updated their look, we hope that some of our changes will be followed so that we can make our village an even better place for everyone.”


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