Village Board: Mineola Is In Good Financial Standing


The village board had a public meeting last week at village hall and gave residents an update on the latest village happenings. However, the meeting started off on a somber note when Mayor Scott Strauss acknowledged the passing of village residents Bernie Sherry and Edna Pratt.

“Both of them were a big part of the fire department family,” said Strauss. “Bernie Sherry is the father of Jim Sherry from company number 2. Edna Pratt is the mother of ex-chief Joseph Pratt. Both were long-term family residents here in Mineola. The loss is mournful and hurtful to the family and the village.”

Strauss congratulated the fire department and the junior firefighters for a successful pasta dinner that was held at the community center.

Trustee Paul Cusato also thanked residents for coming out and supporting the juniors during the pasta dinner.

“One of the groups that supports this pasta dinner is Chaminade High School,” said Cusato. “It was a group of students who were there serving food and refreshments. Chaminade has been taking part in this pasta dinner to close to 15 years.”

Strauss also mentioned that on March 27, the students of Mineola will be having their annual Mineola Macaroni Night benefiting the Mary Brennan INN in Hempstead, which will take place at Mineola High School from 5 to 7 p.m.

“We received another nod from Moody’s Investor Service,” said Strauss. “They stated that we were in very good financial and credit position and that our rating is excellent. The New York State Comptroller’s office issued a memo stating that after a review of our records, the Village of Mineola continues to maintain our position in best category we have for finances. We are now in what they call ‘no financial stress.’ As we’ve mentioned time and time again, the Village of Mineola is on solid financial ground and all of us sitting up here and the entire village team watch every penny of our tax dollars and use them wisely.”

Other noteworthy comments came from deputy mayor Paul Pereira who informed residents that the Mineola Athletic Association (MAA) will be hosting its annual parade for baseball, softball, cheerleading and soccer on Saturday, April 13, throughout the village.

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