Village Board Discuss Downtown Projects


The Mineola village board gave an update about the various projects that are currently happening in the village’s downtown area as well as upcoming projects in the area at last week’s board meeting.

“We’ve been working with the project managers of the third track project to address concerns regarding the parking garage being built on Harrison Avenue,” said Mayor Scott Strauss. “We know this has been a tremendous inconvenience for many in the area, but it is work that’s needed. Relief will be coming soon.”

Residents can keep up to date on projects that are related to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) expansion by visiting A link to the website is also available on the village’s website. The website provides visitors renderings and information as well as progress that the LIRR expansion team is making. Residents can also receive updates by email when they sign-up on the website.

“In addition to the parking garage and the grade crossing elimination projects on Willis Avenue and Main Street, we will be starting our sewer main replacement project in a few months in our downtown,” said Strauss. “All of this work needs to be well coordinated as they all impact each other. Unfortunately all of this is, and will be an inconvenience to us all, but there is no one suffering more than the businesses in these areas.”

Strauss urged residents to do whatever they could to shop in the stores and eat in the restaurants and delis that are in the village’s downtown.

“We as a community need to ban together and help them all stay afloat,” urged Strauss. “Yes, parking is obviously difficult, which is why we as a group need to step up and support them now more than ever. Please shop locally when you can and please while these projects are going on, shop in our downtown. They need the help.”

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