Letter: It’s Not The Gun That Kills


I want to applaud The Inn at New Hyde Park for not being bullied into canceling the gun show. I have been listening to all sides of this subject and I feel that the laws that are already on the books should be upheld. I also feel that better background checks should be enacted. It isn’t a gun that kills, it is the person who shoots the gun that kills. To say that we should ban guns is like saying that we should ban cars, knives, bats or any other weapon that is, has, or could be used to kill. We the people are told we shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns by the same people who have bodyguards who carry guns to protect them.

Perhaps we should consider the idea that schools should hire retired veterans and retired law enforcement people to each school to protect the kids. They already know how to handle these situations and are used to being in dangers way.

The NRA has every right to have a fundraising event anywhere they choose without being hassled at every turn. The NRA consists of law-abiding citizens and should be allowed to run events just like the Democratic and Republican parties or any other organization without any problems.

Just one more thought. It isn’t the law-abiding citizens that kill and rob at gunpoint. It is the thugs who get their guns illegally that commit the crimes.

—Marjorie Wood

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