Letter: I Was Never Polled


I do not own a gun. I am a 53-year-old woman, struggling to raise two teenagers on my own for more than six years now. I live in Williston Park, one of my kids is in Mineola High School, the other in Nassau Community College and I work in New Hyde Park. I’m a capitalist. I’m a registered Republican, but vote more moderately libertarian. I am pro-choice, I am pro-gay marriage and I am pro-biology.

I receive the Mineola American and browse through it as quickly as I can after work. I recently saw a story called “Welcome to the Gun Show,” which prompted me to fully read, thinking, ‘Wow, there’s a gun show in town?’ Upon further scrutiny I read this article to be skewed, saying that the neighborhood and surrounding area residents aren’t happy that this event is happening in New Hyde Park. I was never polled.

I tore the article out to bring to work so I could email my comment that I was not one of the people that was upset about this event. Come September 11th, seeing the disgraceful political maneuvering in the media to shamefully use out greatest terror tragedy to gain anti-American votes, a new Mineola American arrives with a one-sentence letter to the editor I’M WITH THEM, and a letter NRA OUTRAGE! by Assemblyman Charles D. Lavine.

Once again, a negative article about the NRA replete with name calling (zealots, lackey, gundamentalists, with fetishes) and every fear-inducing phrase a thesaurus could turn out, while absurdly stating Pro2A Americans don’t love their grandchildren and other politicians are lining their pockets, grandiosely referencing “copper pennies and ancient lint.” Oh, the humanity.

If only I had the time to become an activist for like-minded people wanting to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America and the Second Amendment, there to protect Americans. Once you disarm Americans they are more vulnerable to attack. I will fight this because although I do not carry a firearm I am more than happy to stand next to someone who is licensed and skilled to protect me and the others around me if we are attacked by a criminal, as were the people who were on that train in New Hyde Park. The scare tactics of those who want to appear virtuous by falsely claiming that fewer legal fire arms would mean less violence are clearly striving to take away your rights so that they can obtain more power. If a criminal knew law-abiding citizens had no legal firearms, that criminal would be going house to house, every night, robbing, assaulting and maybe killing, with the confidence of knowing there will be little resistance. I vote pro2A because a politician and a government that wants to abolish the Second Amendment only wants to neuter its citizens.

There are plenty more people who agree with me, but they are running late for work, or a doctor’s appointment or their kid’s practice, and now, the leaves are piling up on the lawn so, there’s no break in sight. Can I go to anti-protest, as a show of support, for a private company having a charity fundraiser at a lovely local venue on a work night? I have dinner to cook, school forms to fill out, piles of laundry to start and another darned kid with an ear infection. So, no, I cannot be there in support on Sept. 27, but I can be here in word with the hopes that this shows that your report should state “some residents” because there are many that are not represented, in even the local media.

—Donna Fabbricante

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