Letter: Defending God’s Creatures

A feral cat colony having a bite to eat. (Photo courtesy of Manuela Gattasse)

This letter is in response to the article, “The Cat Days of Summer,” which ran in the Aug. 8 edition of the Mineola American.

These beings are God’s creatures and have the same right to be frequenting this Earth. They are hungry and without fault of being born. It takes a little compassion and humanity to understand that it’s not their fault that they are walking around without a home. My friends and I work tirelessly to end the growth of the cat population by trapping and neutering them, but it’s not enough. Not only do we have limited resources and money—we do not have anywhere to go in order to obtain funds for these projects. The Town of North Hempstead only has one trapper and does not offer free spaying and neutering with the exception of once a month. Some cats are adoptable, but most are not, so they have to return to the streets. Feeding them is an act of compassion and decency.

Unfortunately, the pooping in yards is unavoidable, but that’s the price to save a life. So please reconsider your thinking on this matter. Those are mothers, fathers and furry children hungry out there. They only have us to feed them. Let’s change our view in this matter and demand that the Town of North Hempstead and other towns offer free spaying/neutering and vaccinations in order for us to reduce the number of unwanted cats.

Please support the TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release) program.

—Manuela Gattasse

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