Mayor Strauss Nominated For Reelection


New Line Party president Mark Swensen announced that Mayor Scott Strauss is the party’s choice for reelection as mayor in the upcoming village elections on Tuesday, March 20. Also nominated for reelection are village trustees George Durham and Dennis Walsh for trustee and John O’Shea for Village Justice.

“Mayor Strauss, Trustees Durham and Walsh have truly done an outstanding job for the residents of Mineola,” said Swensen. “Our parks are being rebuilt, upgraded and improved. Downtown Mineola is going through smart growth that will continue to make Mineola the most desirable place to live in Nassau County. All of this and much more is being accomplished through well- thought-out financial planning.”

Strauss is seeking his fourth term as mayor.

“I am extremely honored to be nominated for position of mayor,” said Strauss. “As a member of the Board of Trustees, we have done fantastic things for our fellow residents. As a team, we have been very successful and with the continued support of our friends, neighbors and fellow residents, we will continue to build upon those successes.”

Durham is seeking his fourth term as trustee and expressed his appreciation for the support to seek reelection.

“We have a good board right now that all grew up in Mineola and are raising families here and looking to do good for the village,” said Durham. “We have held taxes flat the last couple of years, worked on paying down the village debt, while also working on improving the infrastructure of the village.”

Walsh said he is also honored to be nominated.

“If elected, I will continue to work hard,” said Walsh. “I hope my efforts will keep Mineola a great place to grow up, grow a family and age with dignity.”

Judge John P. O’Shea is running for reelection as Village Justice. Serving as Village Justice since 1996, O’Shea presides over one of the busiest village courts in Nassau.

This past October, former Mineola trustee Larry Werther declared his intent to run against Strauss.

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