Former Trustee Announces Run For Mayor


This past week, the My Home Party of Mineola announced a dynamic slate of candidates for the 2018 village election happening on March 20. Heading the slate is Lawrence Werther Sr., a former trustee and mayor of the village.

“I am proud to offer the residents of our village an alternative to a board that forgot that they are here to serve,” said Werther.

Werther holds a bachelors degree in political science with a minor in economics from Queens College. He is also a retired financial advisor with his last position being vice president with J.P. Morgan. Werther is a father of two, grandfather of three and has lived in Mineola since 1980.

“We the people who choose Mineola as our home owe nothing to the rest of the world,” said Werther. “If someone wants to come and do business here, they need to benefit the people. Take a look at the multi-family projects being built in Mineola. The mayor negotiated away almost all tax benefits for the people. He made the village whole but badly hurt the school district. Had the first two buildings come onto the tax rolls, we would have seen around a 9 percent reduction in our school tax bill.”

Regis and Cristi Gallet, two fresh faces to the Mineola political scene but are known to local residents, will be backing Werther up as trustees. Regis, a practicing attorney, is a lifelong resident of Mineola and is a graduate of Chaminade High School, St. John’s University and Toro School of Law. Additionally, Regis is a sergeant in the Mineola Auxiliary Police Department with 25 years of experience.

Along with Regis, his wife Cristi will be running. This would be the first time a husband and wife would serve on the board together. Cristi holds a bachelors degree in political science from SUNY Oswego.

The My Home Party is happy with Cristi’s desire to serve since it has been too long since a woman held a trustee position on the board. Cristi is also the owner of the Recovery Room Bar and Grill with her husband. Together they are acutely aware of the issues facing Mineola’s residential and business communities.

This represents the first time Mayor Scott Strauss will face a challenge for reelection.

Additional information provided by the My Home Party

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