Letter: A Statement, Not A Slur


Editor's note: Members of Anton Media staff witnessed passersby yelling racial slurs at the protesting crowd on Aug. 11.


I don’t live in Mineola, although I at one time volunteered with the Mineola ambulance. When I saw the editorial “Generation Race” written in the Aug. 23 edition of the Mineola American, I was very disappointed with the disparaging statement written about Garden City, which read, “African American protesters in Garden City were met with racial slurs as they demanded affordable housing.”

The actual story was that the group was given permission to demonstrate on the court house property (technically Mineola) and they set up tents and porta potties on the grounds. They, on their own, proceeded to march through Garden City and disrupt a concert at the gazebo where many senior citizens were gathered. They left discarded flyers, water bottles, etc. on the grounds and were noisily disruptive. The only comment heard in reference to their chants was to move here if you can buy a house and pay the taxes, and it was a statement, not a slur.

Now, because they didn’t have permission to demonstrate, there they could have been removed, but they were civilly treated and that should have been reflected. Editorials such as this only drives wedges between people and serves no purpose.

—Geri Moratti


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