New Sanitation Provider For Village



The Village of East Williston Board of Trustees recently unanimously approved a sanitation bid from Westbury-based Meadow Carting Co. for the next three years starting with $338,490 in 2017-18.

Approved at the village board’s May meeting on May 8, bids were rejected from DeJana Industries Inc., their current sanitation provider, and Daniel Finley Allen & Co. Inc.
The fee for Meadow Carting, the apparent lowest responsible bidder this year, will then increase to $344,100 in 2018-19, and then $350,200 in 2019-20. DeJana entered a bid for $342,000 for 2017-18 and would have increased to $359,314 by 2019-20.

Village Clerk Marie Hausner said there is a cost reduction with Meadow Carting Co. as they switch from DeJana, as Meadow will hold the line on any increase in tipping fees.

“This is a great savings for the village,” Hausner said. “We have used them in the past as well.”

The board had seven different options to choose from with each bidder and according to Hausner, the option they choose is a three-day-per-week pickup, which includes back-door pickups.

The owner and president of Meadow Carting Inc. is scheduled to attend the village board’s June meeting at 8 p.m. at village hall to address any questions or concerns residents may have regarding their bid.

As stated in the approval resolution by Village Mayor David Tanner, the agreement will officially be entered once the negotiated contact between the village and Meadow Carting Co. is completed.

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