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Soccer is a year-round commitment for andGO Sports, a Mineola-based company that guides student-athletes through the athletic recruiting process. Cofounder and director Scott Knight teamed up with Marco Da Fonte to found andGO Sports, which provides an individual experience for each athlete.

“It is that professional inviter from an athletic point of view,” said Knight, a former collegiate athlete and director of coaching at East Meadow and Blau Weiss Gottschee Soccer.

Nicholas Costa and Scott Knight
(Photo courtesy andGO Sports)

The group of specialists at andGO Sports work off of four categories tailored to the athlete. The categories include the athlete’s social approach as well as their academic, athletic and financial status. Student-athletes within andGO Sports have an exclusive player profile created for them.

“In the profile we have the personal details of the student-athlete including an academic and athletic category…their match and training schedules as well as their recruitment video,” said Knight. AndGO Sports is in touch with the digital world and are aware that everything is a click away. “In today’s world it is information immediately…video is important so a coaching staff can form an immediate opinion. That opinion is not final, but it generates the process whether the coach would like to stay involved or not with that athlete.”

“We are constantly presenting players to the right fit universities,” Knight added. “We are fielding and receiving phone calls, text messages and video calls from universities looking for specific needs for their squads.”

AndGO Sports offers an experience to their athletes that is difficult to find elsewhere. Their unique program, the Executive Cup, is a showcase that provides male and female high school soccer players an opportunity to present themselves in front of about 30 college coaches in one day.

“It is strictly on an individual basis…we try to do our best to treat them as pros meaning training habits, nutrition, education and making the athlete feel special for the time being a part of the program,” said Knight.

Over the years andGO Sports has helped a diverse range of student-athletes find their homes on a collegiate soccer team. Mineola’s own, Andrew Pereira, found his home at the New York Institute of Technology (DII). Pereira is one of many athletes who has benefited from the andGO Sports program. Success stories are highlighted annually, whether it be at the Division I or Division III level.

While the recruiting process can be a very difficult time, andGO Sports’ staff aims to simplify the process.

“I think the most difficult thing for the player and family is to understand as an athlete where they fit in the landscape of the NCAA or university athletic system…I do not believe every student athlete is fully understanding of what level athlete they are,” said Knight.
Nevertheless, focusing on the athlete’s social approach as well as academic, athletic and financial status, can help them find the right fit, said Knight.

“It’s very much a hands-on experience for the athlete as well as myself… it is a joint effort,” said Knight. “Creating a list of schools that they want to be a part of to getting on conference calls with myself and the coaching staff…there is a place for everyone.”

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