MAA Winter Soccer Is Alive And Kicking


The Gold Coast F.C. Winter Program for the Mineola Athletic Association is in full swing, blending a combination of soccer practice and competition in an environment that allows the children to flourish in both.

mineolasoccer__bSaturday’s Intramural Program focuses on combining fun, the love of soccer and improving individual technique in every weekly session. The children are learning how to play the game in a fun, positive environment. During Sunday’s travel program, the coaches focus on all aspects of the game, ranging from individual technique to creating tactical combinations as a unit.

The beginning of each session is structured to allow young players to work on new techniques and concepts in a stationary, dynamic, non-pressured environment. The competition portion of the lesson allows the children to display their new skills and develop a better understanding of the game. During the games, the coaches practice an “in-play” method of training, reminding the children of the methodologies they have learned during practice, which allows children to self-correct on the fly.

mineolasoccer___aDuring the cold winter months, the Mineola Athletic Association Intramural and Travel Programs have developed a way for kids to continue to play soccer all year round.
Registration for the MAA Spring Soccer season is ongoing at The spring season includes 12 sessions over the course of six weeks for $95 (+$25 out of town fee for non-Mineola residents). Visit the website for additional information.

—Submitted by MAA

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