Leisure Club Stays Active


Meetings at the Leisure Club continue to be filled with a variety of activities for seniors. The group recently enjoyed parties to celebrate the season, day trips, games of Bingo and chance, 50/50 drawings and educational lectures. Two speakers recently addressed the seniors with topics of interest. At one meeting homeowners were given valuable information regarding home repairs and how to navigate the aspects pertaining to finding qualified contractors and financing for the projects.

Another speaker brought a subject of hearing difficulties. Club members learned from this speaker the different types of hearing losses and that there are many devices available to compensate for such losses.

Trips catering to different interest were also available. The Town of North Hempstead sponsored a Spring Fling at Clinton Martin Park to inaugurate a new season. At this free event, seniors were served snacks, pizza, dessert and coffee as they participated in games and danced to the accompanying music. The Mineola Fire Department also hosted its annual pasta dinner. This popular event found many seniors attending where for the cost of $10 they enjoyed the food staple of Italy. Another trip was to Verdi’s Italian Restaurant where a sumptuous luncheon was served.

For the theater lovers, a comedy entitled Rumors was presented at the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse in New Jersey. After a tasty luncheon topped by a whole room of buffet desserts, club members saw a rollicking comedy. To add a bit more to the afternoon the boutiques were stocked with merchandise that many of the ladies added to their wardrobes.

An always welcome trip to a casino found club members at the Sands in Bethlehem, PA. The lure of the slots and table games made for an exciting afternoon. Winners had an especially lucky day and losers had a busy time attempting to catch up to them.

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