Commuters Lose If The LIRR Third Track Wins


A $2.2 billion project to build a LIRR third track expansion in 3 to 4 years is unrealistic. It’s likely commuters will have headaches for 10 years. The bait and switch tactic of the LIRR’s “good idea” of eliminating seven at- grade crossings isn’t going to overshadow the truth of the matter. The seven at-grade crossing construction sites and the construction work that will take place in-between along the Main Line will only increase delays, cancellations, timetable changes, traffic nightmares, parking headaches and more for commuters. It’s likely buses will be needed to leap frog construction areas to get commuters from one station to another. LIRR service is deplorable now in both bad weather and good. New switch technologies aren’t even being explored to handle the supposed current track congestion. The new track will cross Nassau County giving commuters nothing to cheer about. The profiteers are the “freight minded” businesspeople in Suffolk County, from where products will be transported and both the LIRR and franchisee NY & Atlantic Railway will make more money. Freight cars pulled by two to six dirty diesel engines will transport garbage, hazardous waste and heavy materials to points west. More freight trains will rumble through the Main Line communities day and night during “off-peak” hours. Once completed, the third track trains will not even stop in most Main Line communities. I thought the LIRR was supposed to be a passenger train service?

—Ann Corbett

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