Call The Mayor—Call Your Trustees


We longtime residents of Mineola know the accomplishments of former Mayor Ann M. Galante and I am pleased to make younger residents aware of what she has contributed to the history of Mineola. Under her administration, Mineola was designated a “tree city.”

More significantly, Ann was responsible for arranging the deal that brought to Mineola Memorial Park the music of the Nassau Pops, under the direction of Maestro Louis Panacciulli. Two concerts/musicals were held in the portable shell provided by the Town of North Hempstead. Mineola residents and people from surrounding towns brought their chairs to sit and listen to the music. This association of Mineola with the Nassau Pops led to the popular Christmas Concert that attracts people from all over the County to the gracious host, Chaminade High School. At several of the concerts, donations in Ann’s name in recognition of her role bringing music to Mineola were presented to the Nassau Pops by the Mineola Mustang Run. That’s the only recognition she received. The Mineola Board of Trustees will soon dedicate the new band shell and stage in Memorial Park. It’s befitting that the woman who brought music of the Nassau Pops to Mineola be honored with the dedication of the band shell surrounded by trees.The ribbon cutting for the band shell is May 20. Guess what! May 20 was Ann Galante’s birthday. Have we received a sign of approval from above?

I have submitted a petition to the board of trustees with 387 signatures seeking the dedication plus a plaque to recognize the contribution of the Maestro Louis Panaciulli and the Nassau Pops. If you knew Ann or now realize her importance in the history of Mineola, join the campaign for the dedication in her name by calling your mayor and trustees to urge them to make the dedication to Ann M Galante. Thank you.

—Madeline Maffetore

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