Elect Colbert—Save Our Suburb


Submitted by Artie Barnett

Four huge apartment complexes. Over 1,000 new apartments and no end in sight. After four standing room only hearings on the Village Green building and 90 percent comments in opposition from the community, our elected representatives voted in favor of the project in an unannounced action. Unlike the two Old Country Road projects, which included over $19 million in kickbacks to the community, the Village Green was approved with these numbers unknown. A virtual blank check and not the good kind.

Then came the Corpus Christi project. 192 more apartments. Little community opposition due to the benefits it would bring to the church. One nagging question, why did the Village Board allow Mill Creek to hold the church hostage? The three prior sites were purchased well in advance of submitting construction plans, why was the land purchase from Corpus Christi contingent on Village approval of Mill Creek’s proposal? Simple, so people would not object. Finally, why are the kickbacks to the community not a part of that resolution either?

$20 million dollars are unaccounted for in these last two resolutions. Almost an entire year’s budget for Mineola. When asked if there was a Host Community Benefit Agreement, both the mayor and deputy mayor gave an emphatic, yes. That is, until the village attorney stopped them and said “I’m working on one.” Which is it? Why is this not a public discussion as required by open meetings law?

Now we are told the village board is hoping to continue developing north along Willis Ave. The New Line Party is becoming the Skyline Party. Let’s get somebody sitting up there who truly represents this community and speaks for them. Enough with the “no comment” answer. You were elected to comment. Four hearings and the near unanimous voice of this community was ignored. On March 15, make your voice louder and vote to remove those who ignored and misrepresented you. Elect John Colbert and put the word “trust,” back in village trustee.


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