75 Years For Foresto

Foresto is located on 309 Willis Ave., in Mineola. For more information, call 516-746-1410.
Foresto is located on 309 Willis Ave., in Mineola. For more information, call 516-746-1410.

Opening in 1940, Foresto Men’s Shop & Tuxedo still operates on the same principle of integrity, as the store celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Dominick Foresto of Foresto Tuxedo
Dominick Foresto of Foresto Tuxedo

Owners Dominick and Paula Foresto highlight their great customer service as the main reason their business has thrived as a staple of the Mineola community. As men’s style has evolved over the years, Foresto has continued servicing men with high quality clothing.

“We provide a very good, high quality product, with exceptional service,” said Dominick. “We are on hand here; we have the quality of the product and the integrity of our service and our prices are proper. That’s just what we do; we’re built on honesty.”

Dominick’s parents, Michael and Nancy started the business by purchasing a few suits at a time and selling them to people he knew. Then, in the late ’50s the store added the tuxedo aspect, which consisted of an old-fashioned black tuxedo, much different from the colorful styles of today.

“If my father was still alive, he’d still be working,” Dominick said.

That passion has been passed down through the family, and is present in Dominick ’s work ethic. Opening at 10 a.m., Dominick arrives two hours early to prepare for the day. Dominick and his store are inseparable; he’s as much of a part of the store as the store is a part of him.

Nancy and Michael Foresto (left) in Foresto Tuxedo
Nancy and Michael Foresto (left) in Foresto Tuxedo

His family owned the house above the store, and he was exposed to the business at an early age, when he was usually found playing in the display windows. Dominick’s worked in the store his entire life, mastering the men’s fashion business, while helping men improve their look. He’s a fashion servicer of the community.

“The community is still a very nice community,” he said. “People still support the local businesses, even though the shopping centers do draw people away.”

Paula believes that her husband is a brand, not just in Mineola but also on Long Island. Because technology has evolved, Foresto has been forced to change their approach to marketing and drawing customers.

“We’ve began to market ourselves more, because the time is changing,” she said. “With all new technology and the evolution of the Internet, we market more. People who know us, they keep coming back, but if you want to encourage a new customer base, you have to start marketing—something that we’ve never had to do.”

Whether it’s prom and wedding season, or just a normal day, Foresto continues to provide the highest quality men’s wear, along with great service. Foresto was voted “Best Pick 2015” by the bridal website The Knot and one of LIWeddings.com.


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