Golden Agers Crave Warm Weather

Lucille D’Amato, Rose Smith and Rosemary Spinello
Lucille D’Amato, Rose Smith and Rosemary Spinello

The early months of 2015 can best be characterized as words “bitter cold” “seemingly unending snowstorms” and “ice-filled sidewalks and roadways.”

These conditions made it somewhat dangerous, at times, to leave one’s home and venture out, even for doctor visits or to do necessary errands.

Somehow, due to a variety of reasons such as snowstorms, conditions in the Community Center parking lot and repair work being done inside the building, Golden Agers met just once during the months of January and most of February.

It was with a collective sigh of relief that they didn’t receive a phone call for another cancellation, and were able to meet on Feb. 26. Hardy members came out, in force it seems, to greet one another and to enjoy some much-needed socialization. As a special treat, pizza was served, after which members played bingo.

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in style with “the wearin’ of the green” by members. Scones were served to all, and most members ordered corned beef (or turkey or ham) sandwiches, which were greatly enjoyed.

Guest speaker Eileen Cronin told stories of her Irish heritage, her family having come from Cork and entering the United States via Ellis Island. Whenever someone left Ireland, they held an Irish “wake”, wondering whether they’d ever see that person again. Interesting, most people married someone who came from the same town in Ireland.

Mayor Scott Strauss and trustees treated the Golden Age Club to delicious sheet cakes, one filled with cannoli cream and the other with chocolate pudding; they were beautifully decorated for St. Patrick’s Day. A week later, St. Joseph’s Day was commemorated with delicious pastries for all. Later in March, a scavenger hunt had members digging into their pockets and purses for such items as a 2013 calendar, a cotton handkerchief, and an expired food coupon. Each table had great fun as members searched for the items on the list.

Out of a 200 point total, one table amassed 175 points, while, on the other end, another table had only two items on the list. In the weeks since the club has resumed meeting, programs have been varied, diversified, and stimulating.

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