Keep The Hydrants Clear

Melissa Megan Connolly with their adopted hydrant, “M.C. Hammer”
Melissa Megan Connolly with their adopted hydrant, “M.C. Hammer”

Last year, the Mineola Fire Department initiated an Adopt-A-Hydrant program to offer residents and businesses an opportunity to enhance their fire protection by providing a simple service to the village, caring for a fire hydrant. The MFD is looking for adopters once again.

Countless times over the years, Mineola firefighters have been seen touring the streets clearing hydrants of snow after the big storms. This effort takes many days and obstructed fire hydrants could make the difference in getting a water supply in place to fight a fire.

The goal is to enlist the help of residents and business owners of all ages and ask them to make a pledge to adopt their local fire hydrant.
Whenever snow falls, the MFD asks that you clear the hydrant so firefighters have quick access to it. To enroll, please email the chief’s office at Provide your name, address, phone number and/or email address and the location of the hydrant you would like to adopt.

You can also name your hydrant. The MFD will email an adoption certificate once they receive your request.

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