Lalezarian Eyes Second St. For Housing


New Hyde Park-based Lalezarian Developers is coordinating plans to build a 296-unit apartment complex, with retail space and a restaurant, near the Mineola Long Island Rail Road Station at 199 Second St., Village of Mineola officials announced. Citibank currently occupies the space.

If built, the rental building would be Lalezarian’s second Mineola development, along with the 315-unit dwelling currently rising on Old Country Road.

Mayor Scott Strauss said he has seen preliminary plans of Frank and Kevin Lalezarian, and that they are being updated.

“I think we need to hear what they have to say,” Strauss said. “But from the proposal that I saw, it looks like a great project.”

According to Strauss, the proposed plans showcase a horseshoe-shaped building with the rear facing the railroad tracks. The site could also house retail shops and a restaurant.

According to village officials, Lalezarian would build a 100-foot wide by 200-foot deep village green in the center of the complex.

“Part of the development of downtown revitalization is to have a park area near there,” Strauss said. “This would help us do that. I think it would be a boost to that area.”

Strauss said he feels the complex, if approved, would help businesses north of the railroad tracks.

“All the businesses would take off and do better than they are now,” Strauss said. “You’re going to have people living right there and being able to shop at the local businesses.”

The board of trustees recently adopted a resolution at the suggestion of Village Attorney John Spellman to act as lead agency on a environmental review of the proposed project. He anticipated Lalezarian would submit an application in time for a village board hearing on the apartment complex in November.

“In order to begin an environmental review of the project, we needed the resolution for the board to declare its intent to act as lead agency in the review,” Spellman said.

The rising superstructure of the Lalezarian development currently under construction at 250 Old Country Rd., is made of steel and concrete, or “non-combustible construction,” as Kevin Lalezarian said in August.

The developer had to resubmit plans to Mineola twice before it could start work on the Old Country Road property.

The first plan, presented in May 2012, listed the building’s capacity at 345 units. The final version pared that number to 315, and was approved by Mineola in January 2013.

Currently about 20 percent complete, the rental complex under construction will consist of 166 one-bedroom apartments, 127 two-bedroom apartments and 22 three-bedroom apartments, according to village officials.

Thirty-two apartments will be set aside for next generation/first responder housing. Along Old Country Road, the building height would be 84 feet and 9 inches tall, while on Third Street the building would reach 94 feet and 2 inches in height.

Lalezarian Developers did not return calls for comment.

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