Letter: Reflect On A Fabulous Village


As March 20, 2018 approaches, I ask that the residents of Mineola reflect on what a fabulous village we are living in. During the current administration, we have experienced no tax increases for the last two years yet look at what was accomplished with responsible fiscal leadership. The Mineola Memorial Park renovations are beautiful. The new amphitheater at the park has enabled the village to hold concerts and programs throughout the summer. If you have not experienced any of these, please come down this upcoming summer and enjoy the music and shows with family and neighbors. The parks, roads, and athletic fields in Mineola are being rebuilt in order to preserve our quality of life. I could go on and on about the accomplishments of this current board but the one message I believe is important is that we, the residents of Mineola, are living in the “gem” of Nassau County if not Long Island. It is under the leadership of Mayor Scott Strauss and Trustees George Durham and Dennis Walsh and the entire village board that Mineola continues to be a great place to live and raise a family.

Therefore, I ask that on March 20, you support Mayor Strauss and Trustees Durham and Walsh when you cast your vote so that we continue on this positive path.

—Donna M. Solosky


  1. No thanks. He’s turned this town into a crowded, traffic-filled metropolis. He has turned his back on LIRR commuters who have no place to park and he has sold probably thousands of parking permits but only has hundreds of spots in an effort to steal money from us. He has also given out permits to people who live in the luxury apartments right next to the train. I wouldn’t vote for him even if he was the ONLY candidate running. He has ruined this town and I am making sure every Mineola resident does the same!

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