Board Of Education Talks 2017-18 Budget


The Mineola Board of Education discussed this year’s projected tax levy cap during the Feb. 16 meeting.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Nagler presented to the board and public that a $701,168 or .89 percent increase is the current projected prediction for the 2017-18 year. That is the maximum amount of money that Mineola is able to go up on the tax side.
Nagler stresses that while it is an educated prediction based on the formula, that number could still change. “That number could change a little bit, but I think it’s a solid number to work with given what we have now,” Nagler said.

“Any hopes of capturing past money is done.”

–Dr. Michael Nagler

What could play a part in effecting the projected prediction could be Mineola’s final revenue numbers, as well as the official calculated budget. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s projection on state aid; which is being used in the current projection, typically changes as well, Nagler said.

In the governor’s proposal, Mineola has received $200,000 more than usual, which Nagler said has not yet happened while the governor has been in office. What makes Nagler a little nervous about that number is it looks like the foundation aid formula, which has not been used in five years, is being eliminated. If it had been used, Nagler said, “Mineola was due somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million more.”

“Any hopes of capturing past money is done,” Nagler said. Mineola’s biggest increase is that they are getting reimbursed on things they already expensed. Nagler added, “in my opinion, that is what we are going to get moving forward.” Any new money Mineola could see in the budget is money based on what they have already expanded. While this is an educated guess, Nagler notes and stresses that it is only his opinion.

Christine Napolitano, president of the Mineola Board of Education, is pleased to see that Mineola is coming under the 2 percent cap, even though there is a possibility of a slight change in numbers. Nagler added that Mineola’s 10-year average levy is 1.6 percent and the five-year average is 1.18 percent. This 2017-18 year, they are projected to come in at 1.26 percent. “We’ve come in as respectful as we can in honoring all the programs we do and respecting the taxpayer, and the increases that we put forward,” Nagler said.

“We are pretty confident that we can deliver everything that we have now. If we roll it all over we can deliver the same exact program and still be able to add a couple of unique things,” Nagler said. More information about the new programs will be discussed at next month’s Board of Education budget presentation, as well as the two in April before the final budget is adopted.

The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for March 16. A more detailed budget presentation will be presented at that time. This is the only scheduled Board of Education meeting for the month of March. The March 9 and March 21 meetings have both been canceled, following a recent calendar change.

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