Handbag Warehouse Closes Up Shop


Daryl Teres, owner of Handbag Warehouse in Mineola, is closing his store after 54 years of business.

Handbag Warehouse, located on 307 Willis Ave., is a highly specialized women’s handbag retail establishment. Teres has worked in retail since graduating college and has operated three locations in Great Neck, Forest Hills and Cedarhurst before settling in Mineola.

handbagwarehouse___aTeres was introduced to the retail business by his mother and father, who worked as owners of a retail store and a wallet manufacturer respectively. In 1967, Teres inherited the handbag business from his mother, Jeanne Teres, who ran the family’s original handbag retail store, Jeanne Teres Handbags, on Middle Neck Road in Great Neck. Teres offers the finest imported leather handbags in the area and has continued the legacy of his mother’s original philosophy of selling quality handbags and providing personalized service in a comfortable community setting.

After more than five successful decades in the business, Teres has decided to retire and close up shop.

“Business is great,” said Teres. “But I am 77 years old and it’s time for me to get out and enjoy life.”

Teres also noted that the business has changed over the years and the type of handbag retail service that he provides has gone out of vogue. The highly specialized and personal service that Teres offers at Handbag Warehouse has fallen by the wayside in favor of online shopping and chain stores. “It is an era that is gone,” noted Teres.

When asked about his experience with the town of Mineola and the community, Teres had nothing but positive remarks.

“The Mineola community is phenomenal,” said Teres. “You get a good cross-section of everybody and the customers are friendly, genuine and loyal. Mineola has been a fun place to work.”

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