Young, Not Naive


Kevin D. Hassett’s letter directed to editorial writer Joseph Catrone is not only condescending, but wrong. Specifically, Mr. Hassett states incorrectly that the Electoral College “allows all 50 states equal input…so that everyone’s vote counts.” Numerous impartial studies document that the Electoral College violates America’s “one citizen/one vote” ideal.

Specifically, the votes of individuals in states with smaller populations such as Wyoming and North Dakota enjoy a much stronger weight than the votes of voters in the most populous states including California and New York. This structural inequality disturbs many Americans including Mr. Catrone, me and my fellow professors at Harvard Law School.

I applaud Mr. Catrone’s thoughtful editorial and encourage journalists like him to continue to raise questions about how to make America a more fair and just homeland for all of us.

—Victoria Bjorklund

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