What Is Your Choice?


The turnout of the election had the pro-choicers crying. The pro-lifers cry a lot more when they experience the outcome of the unborn being “slaughtered.” Concerning the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the legality of banning late-term abortions, Senator Clinton is quoted as saying that “this decision marks a dramatic departure from four decades of Supreme Court rulings that uphold a woman’s ‘right to choose.’” What happens during this procedure is too horrific to put in print. The baby is actually murdered since it is full grown and ready to be born. Here are some facts. At 18 days, a baby’s heart begins to beat; 43 days, brain coordinates movement; 7 weeks a baby can hiccup; 8 weeks organs can function; 9 weeks has permanent individual fingers; 10 weeks can feel pain; 12 weeks a baby can smile, suck their thumb and make a fist. Any textbook will confirm what every doctor knows—life begins at conception!

Do the pro-choicers really understand what they are choosing? Everyone’s education should include the full meaning of “the right to choose.”

—Susan Citro


  1. You suggest that “the right to choose” should be included in everyones textbook – and we can agree on that – so here is the definition, since you seem to have left that part out: Every woman is more than a baby-making machine and a woman’s reproduction rights are hers and hers alone. I have every right to choose what happens to my body before, during and after pregnancy – just as you have the right to choose what happens to yours.

    What’s funny about the pro “life” movement is that it doesn’t value women’s lives at all. It represents the belief that women are made for one purpose and one purpose alone – and that is to give birth – no matter the circumstances of the pregnancy, the health and well being of the mother carrying or the health and wellbeing of the baby itself. Your only argument is not medical — it is the bible – and I hate to tell you this, but your bible was not written by god – it was written by MEN. Men, who were then and are often still… WRONG. Further, your god is not my god and the separation of church and state is one principle that makes this country great. If you don’t believe in abortions, I encourage you not to get one.

    Finally, you are misinformed about late term abortions, why they occur and how they happen. Talk to the doctors that perform them and the families that choose them. Every situation is different and late term abortions cannot be explained in sound bites, nor can the circumstances people choose to have them.

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