Committee Sounds Alarm On Safety


The Village of East Williston is taking a proactive approach to security concerns, recently forming a committee in response to resident concerns about public safety.
Following several area burglaries, residents voiced numerous concerns about the level of security in the village during a June 13 village board meeting. At the meeting, Officer Todd Atkin with the Third Precinct POP (Problem Oriented Policing) Unit and Sergeant Daniel Ciaccio with the Third Precinct, advised residents on preventative measures they could take to protect their homes and neighborhood. Mayor David Tanner also spoke about security measures the village was considering, one of which was the creation of a security committee.

“It’s an informal, ad hoc committee,” said Tanner. “It’s three other individuals who can be a little more focused and add additional reflection.”

Comprised of a former board member, longtime resident and professional in the security industry, the committee will advise the board on public safety issues in the Village of East Williston. Tanner said the board has met with the committee several times already to discuss suggestions on how to make the community safer.

In addition to increased police patrols and communication with the Third Precinct, the village is also looking into a grant to install license plate readers at a to be determined location. They have also increased the use of their email blasts, to make residents aware of issues in the village. But Tanner emphasized that the greatest security asset in the village is the residents themselves.

“We need to hear from you. If (residents) see something, they need to say something,” Tanner said. “If they see some suspicious activity, they should call 911 first. And follow up with reporting it to the village office for us to process.”

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